About Our School'Everyone is a learner and every experience is a learning opportunity'

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From the moment I looked around the school prior to the start of my role here in April 2016, I fell in love with our school; should you come and have a look around for yourself, we think you will too.

At Flakefleet, we are strongly committed to helping our children grow and develop the skills that they will need to be successful in life. We take great pride in the broad and exciting curriculum we offer our children and the range of support they receive in order to thrive. As importantly as the core academic skills our children learn, we want all everyone to be happy within school, feel safe and confident to take on the challenges they will face as they grow older. Resilience, aspirations and the willingness and ability to take risks, believe in oneself and learn from mistakes are qualities that we believe are essential and we commit a lot of time and effort to helping our children and staff be the best versions of themselves.

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See the Flakefleet Royal Wedding here - as featured in the national press and media!

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Parents Testimonials

We clearly love our school and we’re pretty confident that our parents do, too. Read what they have to say about our fab school here.

An amazing school. In the last year or so the school has progressed further with technology and is more community orientated. The events the school hosts are family orientated and give back the feeling of community spirit. I am proud to say my child and older children attended Flakefleet Primary School. The teachers are fantastic in their abilities to not only teach but to deal with a large range of abilities and disabilities and still stand at the end of the day with smiles on their faces. The not so new head teacher has worked miracles and so have his staff to make this school an amazing school.

Mandi Johnston

Amazing school with amazing staff and head teacher, I love this school for my daughter. Just have to say what an amazing event last night was, it was fantastic you did fleetwood proud.

Danielle Harrison Tombs

Fantastic environment for children to have, but learn at the same time, went to the school myself alongside my sister and the school was amazing, always supportive with me and my family and always understanding with my mum who works there as well, AMAZING SCHOOL!

Phil Shaw

All the staff and especially the new head teacher are amazing, if I wasn't already certain this school and the staff went above and beyond everyday for our children I would have definitely been convinced by recently attenting the carnival, sports day and Flakefest, all the staff and again especially the head gave 100% to not only the pupils but also the parents and the crowds, the time, effort put in and the fact they all genuinely wanted to be there an make these events the best they could be for everyone despite things not always going to plan was inspirational an heart warming, I can not praise the school enough and with all the fantastic staff and what has to be the worlds best Head Teacher at the helm Flakefleet Primary School is surely going to be one of the best schools in the UK. Keep up the good work guys.

Daniel Staunton

Great school all the teachers go way beyond to help you and I'm grateful for what they do for my children best school I've had for children and a big thank you to all the staff and teachers and the head teacher who all look after everyone and are always there to help thank you again.

Maxine Bourke

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