School and British Values 2017-18

At Flakefleet we pride ourselves on our British Values. These are:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance

In school we try our best to work towards these values – our behaviour, attitude towards learning and towards others, and our belief in ourselves reflects these key values.

The British Values curriculum is linked closely to our school values that form the core of our PSHE curriculum.

Throughout the year we take part in different activities and celebrations in order to develop our knowledge and understanding of the world. We learn about historical events and people in order to gain a deeper understanding of our history. Events such as, The Great Fire of London, which Year 1 learn about through building and burning their own Pudding Lane! Important historical people such as Lowry,…

At the beginning of each year the children form their own class rules – a class charter –, which is agreed upon by each child in the class. The children know their own boundaries – decided by the children, for the children! Each child tries their best to keep to the class charter, which is displayed in each classroom.

Events so far! 

Our school council elections were an exciting time, where the children campaigned to be selected to represent their class. The children then made their vote, posting their choice into the ballot box. Our school council children are confident, motivated, good listeners and proactive!

Our children are encouraged to celebrate the achievements of others, and are able to put their peers forward for our ‘Force Flakefleet Award’, which children receive for doing something kind and helpful without needing to be asked.

We celebrated Diwali and made lanterns, chains and Rangoli patterns.

We celebrated Remembrance Day by doing poppy artwork, writing poems and showing respect during the two-minute silence. Some of our children went to Fleetwood Memorial Park and placed a poppy wreath at the Cenotaph.

We have also taken part in Tolerance Week – we thought about how important it is to be kind, helpful and inclusive. Each year group took part in a different activity, from friendship bracelets to graffiti, role-play to poetry. We then made a radio broadcast which went out across school from our radio station.

Here’s what some children had to say…           

We talked about bullying in a different way using apples – it showed us that you should respect each other and treat people the way you want to be treated. I think you should never bully as people want to be respected.’ Fai, Year 6.                                                                                           

‘We made friendship bracelets to celebrate friendship and love.’ Seinna, Year 1.

Democracy at Christmas - We had the choice of listening to our favourite Christmas songs, with each class taking a vote! We then had these played throughout school at break time and lunchtime to get us in the Christmas spirit!

This half term our theme is ‘Aim High’. This links to our British Value of Individual Liberty. We are focusing on the things we can achieve, our happiness and well-being. In Year 1 we have been taking time out to do relation and breathing, teaching us positive ways to react to situations. We have been focusing on New Years Resolutions and short term goals as well as thinking about Martin Luther King Jnr and his dream. We have decided on long term goals too! 

Our upcoming events include:
Chinese New Year 16th February
Holi 2nd March
Sports Relief 23rd March
Easter 1st April 
St George’s Day 23rd April