Flakefleet Primary School Council is made up of one pupil representative from each class plus two honorary Year 6 councillors who retain their post from the previous year.


The process of electing Councillors and their subsequent role reflects the democratic process of our country.

Each year, four pupils from each class stand for election The class then votes for their preferred candidate by casting individual votes at the school 'polling station' and the candidate who receives the most votes is elected for the forthcoming year. During meetings , all decisions are made by agreement or,if required by voting. Each School Councillor is the representative of their class.


The children are at the heart of our school community. As a school we value the thoughts, ideas and opinions of all our children and the School Council is one way of ensuring the voice of the children is heard and has an impact on the development of the school. It works with teachers on any matters of concern and ideas pupils want to put forward.


The Council meets on a regular basis with Miss Millett with each meeting having a set agenda and minuted outcomes.

This year the two main areas of success

1. Gold books are now in each class to highlight children who have either behave particularly well or been supportive and kind to other children at break periods. Entries can be made by adults and children. At the end of the week, these achievements are celebrated.

2. The Council decided to take a leading role in a community project "Fleetwood in Bloom"


This half term each class elected three nominees who had a chance of becoming a member of the school council. These nominees then created videos to tell everyone about why they should become a school councillor. The videos were shown to each class to help them make their decision.

Here are some of our fantastic election videos:

Each year group from years 2-6 then had an opportunity to vote in the school’s general election. Each child had a voting card to bring with them to vote which they then swapped for their ballot paper.

Insert pic collage of voting day 

The votes were then counted and it was revealed who our school council are for 2017/2018.

This year’s school council members are;
2DW- Robbie M
2JP- Oguzhan H
3CB- Thomas-John G
3LE- Ashton S
4GS- Brooklyn B
4SR- Summer C
5CJ- Alfie T
5MS- Abby T
6JC-  Lilly G
6HW- Liam W

Honorary members-
6JC- Joesph W
6HW- Corley B

Over the next term we will be meeting to discuss issues that have been highlighted to the school council by other pupils. Meetings will be held every 2 weeks and will be overseen by Miss Burrows (3CB class teacher).