Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 provides an opportunity for children to consolidate and build upon their early learning whilst developing new skills in English and Maths and finding ways to build links between different areas of the curriculum.

In history, we use a variety of sources to ask questions and investigate significant periods of time including the Roman impact on Britain and the Vikings as a significant European civilisation. We build links between different periods of time and place important events and figures on this timeline as appropriate.

Through our Geography learning we develop our map reading skills, ask more searching geographical questions and increase our understanding of different localities from our own community to the rest of the UK and the wider world including more significant landmarks. We specifically study Europe and in particular focus on the geography of France.

Through our science learning we study how sound is made, what electricity is and how we can make safe use of it, states of matter and how materials can change and the living world around us including the animal kingdom. We continue learning to investigate and observe and how we may record our ideas.

We understand how to stay safe online and begin to understand how to search appropriately using the Internet. We continue to develop our computational skills including coding and program building.

We develop our sketching skills and study a range of different artists. We understand how to eat healthily and have opportunities to plan and prepare different healthy meals. We design models and practice using electrical systems to power models. We consider and explain how we can improve upon a finished model.

We begin to increase our understanding of the written word in French and build our confidence in the spoken word across a range of everyday topics.

We continue to study all the significant religions of the world and find different ways to learn more about ourselves and the relationships we have with other people. We talk about emotions and empathy and how to identify how people are feeling.

We have specialist training in Samba and the rhythm and sounds of international music. We swim every week and master our fundamental skills in movement and across specific sports and activities. We continue to learn how to play well in a team and how to use tactics to both attack and defend.