Digital Leaders

Our digital leaders at Flakefleet support all children and adults in school to make the most of the technology available to us.  Each class has two digital leaders who have been chosen to offer their expertise when navigating apps and software, as well as making sure the equipment is used and charged properly and is in good working order.

These children will also meet regularly with each other and adults to discuss any IT related issues in school and to plan ideas to promote initiatives across the school community including the importance of e-safety and what this means for us all in the 21st Century.

This year’s Digital Leader members are;
1SA – George, Lily-Grace
1TC – Connor, Alfie
2DW – Harry, Libby
2JP – Blake, Megan
3LE – Millie, Broden
3CB – Thomas, Chloe
4GS – Chloe, Will
4SR – Marcus, Summer
5CJ – Ben, Luke
5MS – Lainey, Lewis
6HW – Georgia, Jordan
6JC – Rhys, Morgan