Green Team

Our Green team is a very active group encouraging everyone at Flakefleet to be as eco-conscious as possible. We are committed to reducing the amount of energy and paper that we use and to promoting the importance of the three R’s – to reduce, reuse and recycle. We meet regularly to share and discuss ideas and to plan ways to encourage more people to become involved.

Part of what we do includes monitoring our energy use, collecting litter, promoting Fairtrade products, visiting areas that are environmentally important across the North of England and sharing ideas across the wider community.

We do this as part of the Fleetwood Eco group of schools, which help to celebrate and support each other across many environmental activities.

This year’s Green Team members are;
1SA – Caleb
1TC – Elizabet
2DW – Dylan
2JP – Shai
3LE – Kyron
3CB– Libby
4GS – James
4SR – Tyler
5CJ – Charlie
5MS – Alisha
6HW – Abby
6JC – Jorja