The Nurture room is part of the school’s Inclusion and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) provision.

The Nurture room is designed to be a bridge between home and school/nursery; a place where children can feel safe and secure and therefore develop their individual needs further.

Meet our Team

(Left to right)
Mrs Pratt (Lead) Mrs Houghton (administration support) Mrs Moore (Nuture room and Rainbow Breavement Lead) Miss Neil (Inclusion Teaching Assistant) Mrs Brotherton (Family Support) Mrs Short (Nurture room and Lunchtime Lead) 

We bring key skills to our children, ensuring we reach the needs of every child.

  • Children’s learning is understood developmentally.
  • The nurture room offers a safe base to talk.
  • Understand how we communicate with each other.
  • The importance of transition in children's lives.
  • Provides lots of opportunities for speaking and listening
  • To build on children’s self-esteem, confidence, resilience and self-worth.
  • Builds skills for classroom learning.

Nurture provides a warm and welcoming environment which contains aspects of home and school, sofas, soft furnishing, plenty of space and equipment for play, as well as books, work tables and computers.

Nurture is a safe, calming environment where the unique developmental needs of each child are met.

There is much research evidence that children’s learning is most effective when they have a sense of emotional wellbeing, good self-esteem and a feeling of belonging in our school community.

Children may attend sessions in the Nurture Group for specific reasons, for example:

  • Friendship difficulties – keeping/making friends.
  • Quiet, shy, withdrawn.
  • Find it hard to listen to others or join in.
  • Disruptive towards others.
  • Find it hard to accept losing a game to share and take turns.
  • Finding it difficult to settle into class.
  • Bullying.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Poor relationships with adults in school.
  • Bereavement.
  • Family illness or break-up.